GENERAL SUMMARY:  Under the general supervision of the Director of Residential Services and according to established policies and procedures, has primary responsibility to provide support and advocacy for children in the Safe Home and Transitional Housing Program.


  1. Conduct activities necessary to assess and identify the needs of each child residing in the Safe Home and Transitional Housing Program working in partnership with mothers. This includes assisting children to cope more effectively with stress and transition. 
  1. Provide crisis intervention, advocacy and support assist in identifying immediate needs, reviewing options and setting goals; makes referrals as necessary.
  1. Coordinate children’s services which include but are not limited to, enrollment in local school system, art expressive therapy groups, homework sessions, play groups, field trips, after school, vacation and recreational activities.
  1. Provides a liaison relationship between mothers, children and professionals in order to provide a comprehensive array of services that will continue beyond residential stay.
  1. Facilitate weekly parenting support group with a focus on helping mothers learn about the effects of stress and trauma on family relationships and learning more effective ways to help their children.
  1. Responsible for receiving, screening, routing and/or responding to agency and 800 Victims of Crime Helpline telephone calls. Handles help-line calls, determines appropriateness for shelter residency, gives information and makes referrals.
  1. Maintain appropriate records and statistics.
  1. Additional duties necessary for the efficient operation of the agency may be assigned.


  1. Knowledge of child development, effective parenting, behavior management skills, ability to act as a role model for families, demonstrating social skills and communication skills.
  1. Verbal communication skills to represent agency and provide information to callers.
  1. Commitment and sensitivity to issues related to the needs of women and children, particularly those affected by domestic violence.
  1. The ability to appropriately and effectively deal with stressful situations.
  1. The physical ability to lift heavy items.


Work environment is often noisy, with more than average exposure to communicable disease (colds, flu, virus etc.).

Work involves occasional in-state travel to transport residents.


A combination of education and experience demonstrating acquisition of the SKILLS AND ABILITIES REQUIRED.

A level of knowledge equivalent to that which would be acquired by a minimum of an Bachelor's Degree

Bilingual ability in English/Spanish or English/Portuguese preferred

 If you're interested in applying for this position, please send your resume to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

This job description is intended to describe the general nature and level of work performed; the Principal Duties and Responsibilities are a representative, but not exhaustive list of duties performed.

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